Holland Club Members 

Holland Club members are USSVI members who qualified in submarines at least 50 years ago. They are the men who have set the example for young submariners to follow.


Holland Club Chairman

Patrick J Ulmen, Sr.
4902 Colorado Ave
Harrisburg, PA 17109-3034

Holland Club Vice Chairman

No Holland Club Vice Chairman entered yet

Not posted yet

Holland Club Membership Application Procedures

Requirements for membership:
  • Member in good standing USSVI
  • Qualified in Submarines Fifty (50) or more years ago (1960 elig in 2010)
  • Submarine Qualified Regular Member of USSVI
When to submit:
  • may be submitted in the Year of your Eligibility
  • Qualification year not Qualification date
Bases Submitting Nominations:
  • Base Commanders are requested to review your Base personnel at least once annually, then inform any base member who is eligible if he wishes to be made a Holland Club member
  • MALs apply directly to NJVC via the USSVI National Office requesting your name be submitted for induction into the Holland Club.
  • Base Commanders … for eligibility verification at least 90 days ahead of need.  When verified, the national office will notify the HC Chair for certificate package preparation. Unless requested otherwise, the completed package will be sent to the Base Commander for presentation.  Contact the National Office at  ussvi@telebyte.net
General Membership:
  • If you are eligible or approaching eligibility please notify your Base Commander.
  • MALs please alert the NJVC via the USSVI Office.
  • If you need assistance contact:
    at (360) 337-2978
    or office@ussubvets.org