Eternal Patrol 

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who died in
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Navy Hymn for Submariners
Bless those who served beneath the deep,
Through the lonely hours the vigil they had to keep,
May eternal peace their mission ever be,
Bless each one we ask of thee,
Comfort those who at home who waited and prayed,
For their return night and day.

Pages in this section are intended to reflect our care and concern for the families and friends of our departed shipmates. Information is supplied from local Base officers, National records or USSVI Chaplain. Use the buttons on the left to:

* Click the NOTICES button to report a USSVI Member who has gone on Eternal Patrol
* Print a certificate to present to the family of a lost shipmate
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* Find information from the Navy's about funeral arrangements for retired Naval personnel


National Chaplain

James A. Sandman
501 Skipping Stone Rd
Christiana, TN 37037-2001

Final Patrol

I have one consolation that lives with me today.
That God is near to them, in his own special way.
So God in all Your mercy, keep near Thyself the soul,
Of every Submariner, still on his final patrol.

Lord, this departed shipmate with Dolphins on his chest
is part of an outfit known as the best.
Make him welcome and take him by the hand.
You'll find without a doubt he was the best in all the land. 

So, heavenly Father add his name to the roll
of our departed shipmates still on patrol.
Let them know that we who survive
will always keep their memories alive.